waste oil to diesel

How to Refine Waste Oil into Diesel Fuel?---------------Waste Oil Refining Process Demo

DOING waste oil refinery plant takes advantages of the principle of distillation and adopts double heating method to refine waste oil into diesel fuel. The following video demonstrates the waste oil refining process. This waste oil refining process has the advantages of simple operation, short treatment time, safety, environmental protection and so on.

Click the button to watch the demo animation of refining process:

The waste oil to diesel plant designed by the above refining process has been favored by many customers. At present, we have installed this equipment in more than 60 countries and regions.

  • Asia: China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Philippines view more
  • Mid-east: Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopiaview more
  • Africa: South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Uganda, Serbia, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Algeriaview more
  • Americas: Columbia, Panama, Mexico, Jamaica, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Aruba, Haiti, Argentina, Canada view more
  • Europe: Romania, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey, France, Albania, Georgia view more
  • Oceania: Australia, etc view more

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