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Usage of pyrolytic oil products

The pyrolysis plant is to convert the waste plastic or waste tyre to oil for fuel. As it is a plant to deal with the waste plastic or waste tyre which may harm the environment.So the pyrolysis plant if beneficial to the environment.The main final products of the pyrolysis plant is fuel oil which will ugly relieve the pressure of energy in our country. So the pyrolysis plant technology will contribute to the development of the economics.
tyre to oil pyrolysis plant
The final products of the pyrolysis is mainly fuel oil, steel wire and coal black.We henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd as a strength company of in the pyrolysis industry will initroduce the usage of the products of the products.

The fuel oil: most of the fuel oil can is used in steel factory, cement factory,brick factory and glass factory.etc. We have the feedback from our customers said that a normal factory can consume 20T-30T fuel oil one day. We have also oil distillation machine to refine the fuel oil into diesel.

steel wire extracted from the waste tyre
Steel wire from waste tyre: T sold directly or reprocessed into other products.

carbon black manufactured by the pyrolysis plant
Carbon black: sold to cement factory,. The carbon black can be made into pallet and burned as energy.
Fuel gas: fuel gas the waste plastic or waste tyre pyrolysis plant generated can be recycled back to heat the reactor.
carbon black
Carbon black usage


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