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How to build a tire pyrolysis plant?

The tire pyrolysis plant is to convert the waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant; it is a green technology which is becoming more and more popular. Many countries are establishing the pyrolysis plant:
The flow is as following about building a tire pyrolysis plant:
  1. Prepare raw material: the raw material for waste tire pyrolysis plant is mainly waste tire,we should know price of waste tire. The tire can be divided into different kinds such as neylon tire, steel wire, and bicycle tire and so on.
  2. Do market research about waste tyre market and pyrolysis oil market, we should get price about waste tyres and pyrolysis oil.
  3. Learn the machine and find supplier of the tire pyrolysis plant, we should learn about the oil yield rate, capacity of pyrolysis plant, and so on.
  4. Install and test the machine in your factory, start the plant to see whether the pyrolysis machine runs well,all the accessories are good. Add raw material into reactor to test the pyrolysis plant.
  5. Hire employers to operate the machine, sell pyrolysis oil,   

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