waste oil to diesel

what kind of materials can be used in our Doing pyrolysis machine?

Q: what kind of materials can be used to get fuel oil?
A: Generally speaking, tires/plastics/rubber can all used to get fuel oil in our Doing pyrolysis machine.
Here are some pictures of crude oil, you can see as following:

Oil samples from Pyrolysis machine

All tires can be recycled into our pyrolysis machines.
There are many different kinds of plastics, some can be used while some cannot be used.
general plastic:
PET/PVC is not good for pyrolysis;
Polythene: PE thin film, diaphragm, film membrane/bottles//electrical appliances insulation, galvanic isolation materials/reticule/water pipes/oil tank,oil drum/drink bottle/calcium feeding-bottle/ milk bottle/staple goods.
Polypropylene: thin film/plastic ropes/plastic crockery /basin/barrel/furniture woven bag/bottle cap/vehicle bumpers
 polystyrene:electrical appliance/stationery/oil yield rate about 90%.
pure white plastic
bags of instant noodle
plastic logo
waste plastic in paper factory
House hold garbage
pure plastic electric cable
pure clean plastic bags more than
 general rubber:
Big truck tire
Small car tire and bike tire about
Rubber electric cable and shoe sole
Mixture shoe sole
Sport shoes
waste chemical fibre carpet

There are some pictures of plastics:

Plastic 01

Plastic 02

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