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How does continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant works?

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Continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
With more than ten years of experience and efforts,through continuous improvement and constant technology upgrading,Doing have designed the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant which can realized feeding  materials on one side and discharging the slag continuously from the other side. It not only can dispose 30-50 tons waste tyres per day but also can work continuously for 24 hours without a stop.

How does continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant works?
continuous pyrolysis plant
Cotinuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant workis process
1. Collect waste tyres: All kinds of waste tyres are available, from small car tyres to big OTR tires.
2. Remove steel wire: Use a steel wire pulling machine to pull out the steel wire from waste tires. The steel wire pulling machine is operated automatically, which only need one work for operation.
3. Shred tires: Use a specialized tire shredder to process big whole tires into 3-5cm small pieces for easy feeding. The tire shredder is a single and fully automatic shredding system, which can be directly connected to the feeding system of the continuous pyrolysis plant, which no need any transfer process.
4. Continuous pyrolysis process: Shredded tyres go into the  continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant , will firstly go through a mutiple pyrolysis reactor system to be pyrolyzed into oil gas. And oil gas will be cooling down to liquid oil through the cooling system. The residues (carbon black) will be pushed by continuous feeding tires to the carbon black dischrge system for discharge.

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