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Why we developed the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant?

pyrolysis plant
Waste tire pollution
Just about any city or municipality in the world includes a garbage problem, it’s piled loaded with landfills, being thrown in rivers, and it’s overflowing within the streets. Two huge aspects of garbage that take many thousands of years to degrade are waste plastics and tires. Tires are especially tough to dispose of mainly because they rise to the peak of landfills continuously, filling up with water and breeding mosquitoes, and might catch fire releasing toxic fumes. So how to dispose the waste tires becoming more and more necessary. That’s why we developed the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant.
continuous pyrolysis plant
Continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant
Doing have designed the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant which can realized feeding  materials on one side and discharging the slag continuously from the other side. It not only can dispose 30-50 tons waste tyres per day but also can work continuously for 24 hours without a stop.

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