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What is the 2018 new design fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant advantages?

new design continuous pyrolysis plant
DoingGroup 2018 new design fully continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

2018 new design fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is a process newly developed by DoingGroup. It uses a pyrolysis chemical reaction to separate waste solids such as tires, plastics, and rubber into fuel, carbon black, and combustible gases at high temperatures. Including tire crushing system, continuous feed system, continuous rotary pyrolysis system, continuous slagging system, continuous cooling system, deodorizing system, continuous exhaust gas recovery system, continuous flue gas purification system. Operates under a completely sealed system with a very high level of automation and no manual feed and slagging operations are required. Fully automatic and mechanical processes ensure that the working environment is completely safe and clean.

plastic continuous pyrolysis plant
3D photo of DoingGroup continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The specific technical parameters of the 2018 new design fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant of DoingGroup:

Item Reference
1 Working method Fully automatic, no stop even a second.
2 Reactor Structure The 6th generation, external reactor rotate. Material move inside reactor through a guiding device.
3 Reactor size ¢1.2m ×9.5m according to real material
4 Reactor electricity consumption 55 KW
5 Heating method Indirect heating, no direct fire to reactor
6 Heating resource Oil, recycled waste gas.
7 Cooling method Recycling water (water consumption: 10 kg/t Evaporation loss )
8 Sealing Both hard and soft sealing. Mainly use soft sealing.
9 Control method Intelligent, variable frequency automatic control +manual operation: also can be made full PLC system without any manual control according to customer requirement(price of this need to discuss)
10 Area 1000m²
11 Application  
12 Reactor material Q345R (stainless steel is available with different price if required)
13 Machine life 5-10 years according to material

The advantages of the 2018 new design fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant :

1) Adapt to external rotation and uniformly heat the reactor 360°. No part of the reactor is heated for a long time, in this way, our reactor has a longer service life.
Internal heat transfer diagram of the reactor

 2) Spiral blade design Inside the reactor, the raw material is run along the inner wall of the reactor. The raw material moves evenly inside the reactor, directly contacts the heat transfer surface, and immediately receives heat. The heat exchange is rapidly and evenly distributed, and the pyrolysis process is greatly improved.Schematic diagram of the dispersion of raw materials inside the reactor.

3) The reactor and feeder adopts frequency conversion explosion-proof motor, which can adjust the residence time of raw materials in the reactor according to the pyrolysis conditions of the raw materials in the reactor, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the processing amount and the pyrolysis state, so that the raw materials meet the requirements. In the case of a treatment amount, it is sufficiently decomposed to increase the oil yield.

4) Our reactor can be fed by steel wire free tire rubber particles and steel wire tire rubber particles. The carbon black can also be separated from the steel wire when the carbon black is discharged. If the raw material does not contain steel wire, the reactor can increase the processing capacity by 10%. In the process of discharging carbon black, the steel wire and carbon black can be cooled and can be directly collected and saved. Cooling time, improve production efficiency.

5) While using the burner as a heat source, our reactor recycles the non-condensable combustible gas generated by tire pyrolysis and passes the exhaust gas burner as the second heat source of the reactor to achieve "self-sufficiency" and save fuel consumption. Will reduce production costs and increase customer revenue. In addition, the flue gas after combustion of the exhaust gas is effectively treated to meet the environmental standards for flue gas emissions.

pyrolysis plant
Continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Now, the country has issued relevant policies to support recycling of waste tires, which is enough to indicate that the large-scale waste tire batch processing industry will be a huge potential market in the future. Therefore, investing in 2018 new design fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant now is the best investment opportunity for you to seize market share in the future!

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