waste oil to diesel

How to recycle used motor oil instead of trashing it?

Replacing used motor oil is easy, but properly treating used motor oil is not. Some people may choose to discard the used motor oil, but in fact, we can choose to waste oil to diesel refinery plant to recover the used motor oil into diesel oil and asphalt, and make considerable profits from the waste oil recycling business.

DOING's waste oil to diesel refinery plant is a facility for extracting specific substances from feedstocks and is specially designed to make diesel oil from waste oil, crude oil and pyrolysis oil. And here is the specific process flow of recycling used motor oil to diesel: distillation - cooling - dewaxing&degumming - decolorization.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

1. Distillation

When the used oil is first pumped into the distillation reactor, the heating system is turned on to heat the equipment. As the temperature rises, the oil and gas is continuously distilled, which filters out some of the heavy oil impurities.

2. Cooling

The resulting oil and gas is cooled by a condensation system in which circulating water cools the oil and gas into liquid oil, which is collected in temporary storage tanks.

cooling systemCooling system

3. Dewaxing&degumming

Because the liquid oil in the temporary tanks is only distilled and does not change its properties, it cannot be stored for long periods of time. A catalyst is needed to remove wax and glue from liquid oil to make real diesel, which can be stored for a long time.

4. Decolorization

If the customer wants a better diesel color and texture, then the customer can choose to further decolorize the diesel with a decolorization system, resulting in a light yellow and transparent diesel, which will be sold at a higher price in the market.

At present, Henan Doing Company has installed the waste tyre/plastic/waste oil to diesel plant in over 90+ countries. If you want to properly recycle the waste oil like used motor oil, used engine oil, etc. so as to make great money, it is suggested to contact DOING as soon as possible, and we will provide a reasonable solution and customize you the best waste oil refinery plant.

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