waste oil to diesel

How to operate waste oil distillation plant?

Waste oil distillation plant is used to recycle waste engine oil/waste tire pyrolysis oil/waste plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel. In other words, you can choose one of the three raw materials as the processing raw materials of the distillation plant, and finally get diesel. The process of using distillation plant to recycle waste engine oil is similar to recycling pyrolysis oil. Of course, correct operation of waste oil distillation plant is also very important.

oil distillation plantDOING waste oil distillation plant

First, you need to make some preparations before operating the waste oil distillation plant. Prepare the raw materials, check the motors, water pump and oil pump, check whether the cooling system is normal, etc.

Second, after all the preparations are completed, it will start to run. It takes about 12 hours for the waste oil distillation plant to run. First turn on the heating device and heat the waste oil distillation reactor until all the oil gas is distilled off. Distilled oil gas will pass through our latest catalytic device into clean light diesel gas, which will be cooled into liquid diesel by the cooling system and collected in a storage tank.

waste oil distillation plantLiquid diesel collected in a storage tank

In addition, we have the optional device - the diesel purification equipment, which can further brighten the color of diesel through catalyst. This purification process takes about 4-5 hours. Finally, you can pump the purified final product - diesel, through your oil pump to your large oil storage tank.

The most important thing in the whole process is the process of heating the distillation reactor. Because the operator needs to adjust the burner by observing the temperature of the oil gas. Don't worry about this, because our company will send professional engineer to train customers’ operators. As long as the operation according to the training, the waste oil distillation plant can run normally and maintain the oil production rate.

waste oil distillation plantWaste oil distillation plant manufacturer - DOING company

In addition to training workers, as a professional waste oil distillation plant manufacturer, DOING also provides excellent after-sales service. For example, we will take photos of the customer's equipment before delivery; After the waste oil distillation plant arrives at the customer's factory, we will send professional engineer to guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment as well as train workers. In short, throughout the waste oil distillation plant project, the customer has no worries.

If you want to use waste oil distillation plant to refine waste oil into diesel, welcome to consult, we will help your project throughout the process.


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