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What is continuous automatic plastic into oil machine?

plastic into oil machine
Continuous automatic  plastic into oil machine
In order to meet the demand of  continuou fully-automatic plastic into oil machine by more and more customers, we spend more than 4 years’ time on the research and development of the continuous tyre /waste/ plastic into oil machine. Now our continuous waste plastic into oil machine is ready and has accessed to the international market. Continuous automatic plastic into oil machine is a significant improvement  based on the existing intermittent plastic into oil machine at home and abroad,  continous automatic plastic into oil machine fully  realize the automatic operation ,continous automatic plastic into oil machine Reactor than the intermittent pyrolysis plant can prolong life 5-6 year. .Our 20T/D and 30T/D continuous tyre pyrolsis machines are most popular with customers. From the initial tyre feeding to the final carbon black slagging, our continuous pyrolysis machine can realize the full-automatic working. One of the greatest advantages of our continuous tyre pyrolysis machine is no need to stop for machine cooling down before the next batch raw material feeding in, and it can be operated continuously.

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