waste oil to diesel

What is the technology of waste plastic to oil machine ?

 plastic to oil machine
Plastic to oil machine
Pyrolysis plastic is a thermo decomposition of plastic polymer. During high temperature processing, waste plastics will be converted into oil gas for further cooling. After cooling the plastic oil gas will be converted into liquid oil.

Pyrolysis plasticis a little different from tire pyrolysis. The difference is in its feeding method and oil yield.
Plastic oil yield will be different based on different plastic material. And there are some plastics are not suitable for pyrolysis. So please let us know your plastic material so that we can introduce you the plastic pyrolysis processing properly.

As we all known, when process waste tires, we will finish the whole feeding first and then start to pyrolysis processing. But plastic feeding will be different. Because it is light and difficult to meet the feeding capacity if feed same with tires.

Therefore, we will feed plastic while heating. After it melts we will feed and heat again until finish all plastic’s feeding.

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