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What is pyrolysis products characteristics and compostion?

Use of pyrolysis as a method for recycling waste tire depends on the market for pyrolysis products. For this reason, characterization of pyrolysis products and possibilities of their application in other processes is very important. At present time, the main application for solid char is its use as active carbon, as reinforcement in rubber industry and as smokeless fuel. The liquid product is used as a fuel, or a source of chemicals, scrap steel can be melted and with some additives it can be used as normal steel & the gas fraction as a fuel in the pyrolysis process.

Pyrolysis products characteristics and compostion which processed by pyrolysis machine:

Products  content % 
Crude oil  45-52
Carbon black  30-35
Scrap steel  10-15
Gases  5-8

pyrolysis process

Pyrolysis process

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