waste oil to diesel

How to make diesel from waste tyre/plastic at home ?

First, you can store them in your warehouse, once it have enough waste tyres, you can recycled them by waste tyre/plastic recycling plant pyrolysis to fuel oil, this kind of oil can be heating used for heavy industries, such as cement factory, brick factory, glass factory, steel milling factory and so on. At same time, you can get carbon black and steel wire. Usually 10ton waste tires can get 4.5ton fuel oil, 3.5ton carbon black and 1.5ton steel wire. Of course, if you want get high quality oil, you also can refine fuel oil to diesel with waste tyre/plastic distillation plant.Diesel oil from distillation machine can be used for tractors, trucks, and power generators etc. see below pic:
make diesel from waste tyre/plastic
Application range of fuel oil and diesel

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