waste oil to diesel

What's the process of converting tyres to diesel?

Converting tires into diesel requires two types of equipment, that is, two processes. The first process is to treat the tires into pyrolysis oil by pyrolysis machine, and then refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel by the distillation machine.

waste tyres t diesel Waste tyres to oil pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillation plant

The processing of tire into pyrolysis oil by pyrolysis machine can be divided into 4 main parts: Shredding or cutting tyres( necessary for fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant) --Feeding tyres---Heating and cracking tyre---cooling oil gas---collecting and storing pyrolysis oil.

The distillation process mainly includes the following steps: feeding pyrolysis oil ----Distilled pyrolysis oil----cooling oil gas----decolorization and deodorization----further purification----Collecting and storing diesel.

waste tyres to diesel processThe process of waste tyres to diesel

In the end, you can get 85% better quality diesel. The diesel can be used in boilers, generators, burners, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ship engines, etc. Besides that, you can also obtain asphalt for paving roads or selling it to the asphalt refinery plant.

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What preparations should be done before setting waste tyres to diesel plant?

1. Raw material collection: Find a stable supply source of waste tyres.

tyresWaste tyres raw materials

2. Procedures handling: Understand local policies, and apply for business licenses and other relevant factory building certificates as required;

3. Plant land planning: According to the scale of waste tire to diesel plant you want to operate, lease and plan the appropriate site, including raw material area, oil storage area, carbon black collection area, etc.

4. Waste tyre to diesel machine selecting: There are many kinds of manufacturers on the market, which can be compared in terms of manufacturer strength, installation experience, equipment technology, and equipment materials. Henan Doing Company is the first choice of many customers. We can customize you the most suitable waste tyre to a diesel machine based on your requirements. And we also have equipment operation videos of related projects for your reference.

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