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How to recycle used lubricating oil to diesel?

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Used lubricating oil, contains diesel fraction but also heavy oil fraction. This ingredient makes used lubricating oils less versatile than diesel. To recycle used lubricating oil to diesel can realize higher value of oil. Then, how to recycle used lubricating oil to diesel? what is the process?

used lubricating oil to dieseUsed lubricating oil to diesel

As the used lubricating oil consists of different fractions, the first we do is to separate these fractions. Usually, people use distillation technology to achieve this. When the used lubricating oil is heated to different temperature level, the different fractions would be distilled off and be separated. For our new distillation technology, we adopt catalyst instead of chemical processing. In the new distillation process, we use two kinds of catalysts. One is for absorbing heavy color and smell, one is for cracking heavy oil fraction to light oil fraction. Through the catalyst tower and treated by the two catalysts, it’s all light fraction. Then the light fraction would go through the cooling system to be cooled down to light oil, which is diesel. In addition, we can use white clay purification system to make the diesel color lighter. The whole used lubricating oil to diesel process generate no pollution to environment.

used lubricating oil refiningUsed lubricating oil to diesel refining process

Although it seems very simple, it is not recommended to recycle used lubricating oil to diesel at home. There are many variables in the process that need to be controlled, the result may not be good if you don't master them well. Now DOING has developed latest used oil to diesel oil recycling plant based on years of experience. This machine can not only process pyrolysis and oil, also can process used lubricating oil, used motor oil and other heavy oil.

used lube oil refiningused oil to diesel oil recycling plant

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