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Do the tyres need to be cut and chopped before feeding into the machine? Does the machine itself cut the tyres before starting the process? Or do we need to do that ourselves?

Q:Do the tyres need to be cut and chopped before feeding into the machine? Does the machine itself cut the tyres ? 
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A:It depends on your demands,and it is not necessary to cut the tyres. If you donot cut the waste tires, it may cause the space waste, which to some extent, reduce the space utilization as well as decrease the capacity of pyrolysis plant. Further, It increase indiretly your cost price. The diameter of the feeding door is 1.2m. But if you want to save the space, you could cut the tyres into strips and blocks by the  cutting machine, which can greatly improves the quantity and quality of pyrolysis process. We also provide cutting machines.
Tire sidewall cutting machine
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