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What is difference of batch waste tire pyrolysis plant and continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

pyrolysis plant
Batch pyrolysis plant and continuous pyrolysis plant
As the highly demand of the oil yield, requirement of better oil standard and convenient working process of waste tire pyrolysis plant, our company started to evolve based on our batch waste tire pyrolysis plant and then invent continuous pyrolysis plant as a new ramification after 5 yrs technical analyze and research. So far,  our continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is has already accessed to the international market with incredible feedback.
Both machine have the same working theory but different working process.
Batch waste tire pyrolysis plant:
waste tire pyrolysis plant
Batch waste tire pyrolysis plant
Need at least 4 people to operate
People need to put raw material into reactor, then close feeding door.
After Burning the fuel material (coal, wood, natural gas or oil) in the furnace. Reactor will be slowly heated.the reactor need to heat 2 hours, then the raw material start to pyrolysis.
After finishing one turn pyrolysis process, the carbon blank start to discharge.
After cooling the reactor, then people can start the next batch.

Continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant


Only need two person operate
Can keep feeding at least 20t waste tire in one time pyrolysis process
Waste tire Pyrolysis and carbon black discharge occur at the same time
Multiple reactors design for fully pyrolysis to get high oil rate
PLC computer control system ensure the safty
Indirect heating to prolong the usage life of the reactor

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