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How to refine used motor oil at home?

 Now more and more people are attracted by the great profit margin of used motor oil refinery business and decided to start with small scale used motor oil refinery project at home. And for this new investor, it’s suggested to adopt Doing Company’s small scale used oil refinery plant to refine the used motor oil into diesel.

used oil distillation plant Small scale used oil refinery plant

For this family small scale waste/used oil refinery plant, Doing Company offers two different models DS-0.1 and DS-0.5 used oil refinery plant with processing capacity 100kg and 500kg per batch. No need to get land and licence, you can just put it in your courtyard or workshop if any to do the oil recycling and use the diesel recycled for your own use. And just through the following four steps, we can just refine the used motor oil and get the diesel at home: distillation, cooling, decoloring and deodoring.

The diesel output of this small scale used motor oil refinery plant can reach as high as 80%, which means you can get 80kg diesel fuel from 100kg used motor oil and the whole process can be done within 6-7 hours. Besides, our DS-0.1 and DS-0.5 used oil refinery plant is skid-mounted design, which does not need field installation and is easy to do the transporting work. You can put it on your truck and move it to anywhere you wish it to be.

used motor oil to diesel500kg easy operation used motor oil refiney plant

Or if you are from University with oil and gas engineering specialty, this small machine can be used to academic research or show students the oil refinery process more vividly. Between the year 2019 and 2020, our 500kg capacity small waste oil refinery plant had been twice ordered by a famous University in Chile.

If you are interested to start the waste/used oil recycling diesel business, this small family scale used oil refinery plant is also a good choice for you to make it as a pilot machine and used it to test the oil market before investing in industrial capacity refinery plant. Meanwhile, you can also test the technological process of our used oil refinery plant as well as our after-sales service.

Now you should be clear in mind about the function of Doing company’s small family scale used oil refinery plant, if it can meet your demand, please feel free to contact us for favorable quote in details.


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