waste oil to diesel

Is it true that waste engine oil can be recycled into diesel? How to do?

According to the survey, there are about 1.5 billion cars in the world, and many waste engine oils are replaced every year for car maintenance. In order not to cause environmental pollution, can waste engine oil be recycled into diesel? The answer is yes, and it is profitable.

Generally speaking, one ton of waste engine oil can be refined 0.8 to 0.85 tons of diesel, the profit is very considerable. The diesel can be used as light fuel for heavy machinery, generator, boiler, etc. Besides that, we can also obtain asphalt for road paving or sell it to an asphalt plant for refining. Then how to recycle waste engine oil into diesel?

recycle waste engine oil into dieselRecycle waste engine oil into diesel

We can adopt high quality waste oil distillation machine to recycle the waste engine oil and it will improve the diesel yield. Here is the recycling steps about how to recycle waste engine oil into diesel:pretreatment of heat transfer oil and condensate water-- high temperature distillation-- condensation into oil-- exhaust gas purification -- decolorization and deodorization-- flue gas treatment. After these steps, clean, bright-colored diesel and asphalt can be obtained. It’s worth mentioning that the entire waste engine oil recycling process is not only highly automated, but also environmental, energy saving and high in safety.

waste engine oil recycling processRecycling process of the waste engine oil

Henan Doing company has focused on manufacturing cost-effective waste oil distillation machine for more than ten years. The waste oil distillation machine has the advantages of high oil yield and oil quality, environmental protection, convenient slag discharge and long service life. If you also want to recycle waste engine oil into diesel to increase economic benefits, please leave a message below or call us, our engineer team can customize the waste oil distillation machine for you!

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