waste oil to diesel

Is motor oil a renewable resource? How to recycle and reuse it?

There are billions of cars around the world. While facilitating people's lives, it also produces an astonishing amount of non-biodegradable waste, motor oil. But do you know that motor oil is a renewable resource, you can actually recycle motor oil for profit instead of throwing it away?

Adopting waste oil distillation machine can recycled motor oil into diesel after the following steps: distillation, cooling, decoloring and deordoring system.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

First of all, prepare the heat conducting oil to heat the reactor so that the reactor reaches a certain temperature for high temperature distillation of the motor oil. The flue gas generated by the heat-conducting oil furnace and the reactor is processed by the desulfurization tower and discharged into the atmosphere after reaching the national emission standard.

And then the oil gas distilled from the reactor will pass through the buffer tank, catalytic tower and horizontal condenser system respectively, and the condensed oil will be stored in the fractionation tank. The non-condensable oil gas in the condensing system is purified by a water seal and used as fuel to heat the distillation reactor.

Transport the oil in the fractionation tank to the decolorizing pot, add white clay and stir to decolor, then filter with a leaf filter to obtain clear oil, and then finely filter it to remove impurities to obtain clean, bright diesel.

waste oil distillation machineWorkflow of waste oil distillation machine

Adopting Doing’s waste oil distillation machine can maintain the diesel yield at about 80%-85%, and the profit is very considerable. The recycled diesel have the wide applications and vast sales market, it can be used as fuel oil for heavy machinery, generator, boiler, etc. Besides that, in the process of recycling motor oil we will also get heavy oil substances similar to asphalt, which can be directly used for road paving or sold to asphalt plants for refining.

The whole motor oil recycling process is very safe and environmentally friendly. If you have any investing ideas about the motor oil recycling business, welcome to call Doing to get the waste oil distillation machine customized service!

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