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Safety guarantees of our waste tire pyrolysis plant

waste tire pyrolysis plant
Waste tire pyrolysis plant

Our waste tire pyrolysis plant is typically operated at near zero pressure. To further ensure the safe operation of waste tire pyrolysis plant, our equipment has the following safety devices:

1. Two pressure valves (one in front of the reactor and one in the back of the reactor), alarm bell

The pressure valve is provided with a pressure value of 0.3-0.4 MPa. When the pressure value reaches this value, the alarm bell will sound. If there is no worker on duty next to this time, the pressure valve will automatically open the pressure inside the reactor.

2. Oil water separator device

The oil-water separator is filled with water, and the oil and gas pipe is below the water surface. Due to the water pressure, the oil and gas cannot be returned to the reaction vessel, which can prevent oil and gas from flowing back and avoid explosion.

waste tire pyrolysis plant safety device
Waste tire pyrolysis plant safety device

3. Water sealing device

The operation of the water seal is the same as that of the water separator. The function of the water seal is to purify the exhaust gas and prevent the exhaust gas from flowing backwards.

4. Vacuum device

The vacuum unit is a special device for our waste tire pyrolysis plant, which ensures that the entire waste tire refining equipment operates under negative pressure and avoids the danger of high pressure inside the equipment.

5. Welding process
The high standard 3-step welding process is not easy to crack, which not only ensures the safe operation of the equipment during operation, but also has a long service life.

DOIGN waste tire pyrolysis plant
DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant

A good quality of pyrolysis plant must first ensure that it has sound security measures, followed by the oil rate of the equipment and other considerations. Do you think so?

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