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What are the main technical characteristics of continuous pyrolysis plant?

DOING continuous pyrolysis plant
DOING continuous pyrolysis plant

Continuous pyrolysis plant is based on batch pyrolysis plant and is mainly used in medium and large production workshops and pyrolysis plant factory. Thanks to the PLC control system, it can save manpower and material resources, and the equipment operates with high efficiency, and the daily processing capacity can reach 60 tons. Now more and more people come to consult our equipment, and summarize the main technical features of the equipment that the most customer cares about, for your reference:

DOING 3D continuous pyrolysis plant
DOING 3D continuous pyrolysis plant
1. The continuous pyrolysis plant adopts fully enclosed, continuous feeding and slag discharging system, which is more than three times the production efficiency of traditional intermittent rotary equipment.

2. The heating method of the new equipment is the indirect internal and external heating method. When there is a problem with the system, turn off the induced draft fan and cut off the heating source in an instant to ensure the safety of the system. The heat exchange distance is 5-7 times that of older equipment and the thermal efficiency is higher. It greatly prolongs the service life of the main equipment, which is 2-3 times that of the old equipment.

3. Catalytic thermal cracking process and product chemical extraction technology. According to the different needs of customers, equipped with different kinds of professional catalysts, while reducing the sulfur content and density of oil, it can better improve the taste and color of oil, and can also play the role of deodorization and decondensation. The function solves the problem that the oil which is troubled by the industry has many impurities, large taste and difficult storage. Taking tire oil as an example, after using a professional catalyst, the color of the oil changes from the original black to the red transparent, and the produced oil can be discolored for a long time and has an excellent anti-oxidation effect.

4. Equipped with environmental protection equipment is relatively complete. Such as exhaust gas burners and soot desulfurization and dust removal systems.

5. Continuous pyrolysis plant has reasonable design, excellent manufacturing process, high degree of automation and complete safety facilities.

Spain 20T continuous pyrolysis plant
Spain customer's 20T continuous pyrolysis plant delivery photos

Now with the country's increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the future of continuous pyrolysis plant will become a trend, this is the delivery picture of our 20T continuous  pyrolysis plant  for Spanish customers for your reference!

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