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What are the stages of used oil refining?

DOING used oil refining plant can treat used engine oil, used motor oil, used black oil to get diesel oil and some gasoline with high quality. For some investors, it's an amazing change, especially the refining process. Then what are the stages of used oil refining.

In general, there are mainly three stages during the whole used oil refining process: heating, cooling and purification. Next, I will describe these three stages in detail.

used oil refining plantThree stages of used oil refining

Stage 1: Heating

DOING used oil refining plant adopt a dual heating system. First, We need pour the heat-conducting oil into the heat-conducting oil furnace. We set up a group of coils in the heat-conducting oil furnace. The coil is connected with the distillation reactor at the rear. Under the distillation reactor, there is a burner. The heat-conducting oil and the burner heat the used oil at the same time. Which makes heating time only 2 hours the used oil needs to be heated to over 200 ℃, Then the used oil will be turned into oil gas and steamed into the condenser. This design make heating more efficient and save heating time, which make preheating time only 2 hours.

used oil refining plantHeating the distillation reactor

Stage 2: Cooling

When the temperature exceeds 200℃, it should be maintained for 8-10 hours. The oil gas will flow into cooling system through the buffer tank. There are total 4 condensers including two vertical condensers and two horizontal condensers. The horizontal condenser is a tubes condenser. Circulating cooling water is in the tube of the cooling system. There are 37 tubes each condenser, so the total is 74 tubes, which greatly increase cooling area, and make sufficient cooling effect and get the high oil output.

used oil refining plantTwo horizontal condensers

Stage 3: Purification

We set up clay bleaching system to filter out other impurities in diesel oil with clay to make the color of diesel more clear. Then used clay is expelled.

used oil refiningExpel clay

Used oil is refined to diesel oil through the above stages. This is feasible both in theory and in practice. If you are interested in used oil refining plant, please contact us directly.

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