waste oil to diesel

How do you deal with waste oil?

According to statistics, most of the world's waste oil is simply burned or landfilled, and the harmful substances produced are directly in contact with the environment in which we live. No matter which method is adopted, it will cause pollution to the environment, even harm human health. So, is there an environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste oil? The answer is yes, that is the waste oil distillation machine.

waste oil distillation machineThe waste oil distillation machine

The new generation of environment-friendly waste oil distillation machine produced by Doing Group is specially designed for refining black and heavy tire/plastic pyrolysis oil or waste engine oil to light diesel. The whole refining process of waste oil distillation machine includes distillation,cooling, decoloring and deodoring system, which can effectively solve the harmful odor gas generated in the process of refining oil. Waste oil distillation machine can not only alleviate the environmental pollution caused by waste oil, but also bring some benefits

waste oil distillation machineThe 3D picture of waste oil distillation machine

Generally, the light diesel output is about 80-85%, which could be used as alternative fuel in diesel burners, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery, etc, thus the waste oil distillation machine can solve the problem of diesel shortage to a certain extent. The distillation residues could be used as asphalt for paving, or directly sold to asphalt refineries for further refining. With the help of waste oil distillation machine, only a small amount of operators can be used to continuously produce high-quality light diesel, not only protects the environment, but also gets high returns. Waste or treasure, depending on how you handle them.

waste oil distillation machineThe 3D model of waste oil distillation machine

Refining waste oil is not only important for environmental protection, but also a relatively inexpensive way to supplement energy. If you are interested in waste oil distillation machine, please contact us, our engineers will provide suitable solutions for you. Welcome to consult.

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