waste oil to diesel

What is diesel fuel oil used for?

add waste oil to diesel
Add waste oil to diesel fuel distillation plant
Diesel fuel is the common term for the distillate fuel oil sold for use in motor vehicles that use the compression ignition engine named for its inventor
Compression ignition means that in a diesel engine, air is compressed inside the cylinders of the engine, which causes the air in the cylinders to heat up. When fuel is injected into the cylinders of hot, compressed air, the fuel ignites. Although diesel engines are capable of burning a wide variety of fuels (see the section on biodiesel below), most of the diesel fuel consumed is refined from crude oil.

Henan Doing produced add oil to diesel fuel distillaiton plant means can purify the dirty waste oil. Add oil to diesel fuel distillaiton plant can refining waste tyre oil,plastic oil,black oil,waste engine oil, motor oil etc.
add waste oil to fuel oil
Diesel fuel application
Diesel fuel is used for in the diesel engines found in most freight trucks, trains, buses, boats, and farm and construction vehicles. Some cars and small trucks also have diesel engines. Diesel fuel is used in diesel engine generators to generate electricity. Most remote villages in Alaska, and in other locations, use diesel generators to supply electricity. Many industrial facilities, large buildings, institutional facilities, hospitals, and electric utilities also have diesel generators for backup and emergency power supply.

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