waste oil to diesel

How to turn waste oil into diesel fuel?

waste oil to diesel
Diesel fuel
Diesel fuel is refined from crude oil at petroleum refineries. Diesel fuel and heating oil are distillate fuels. This difference has decreased over time as some states in the Northeast are phasing in ultra-low sulfur content standards for heating oil that are already in effect for diesel fuel. An average of about 12 to 13 gallons of diesel fuel are produced from each 42-gallon (.) barrel of crude oil that refineries process.
diesel fuel plant
Waste oil to diesel fuel plant
Henan Doing produced waste oil to diesel  fuel  plant means can purify the dirty waste oil. Waste oil to diesel  fuel plant can refining waste tyre oil,plastic oil,black oil,waste engine oil, motor oil etc.

How to turn waste oil into diesel fuel?
waste oil to diesel plant
Waste oil to diesel fuel plant working process
First of all, put the crude oil in the distillation equipment for further process;

Secondly, heat crude oil in non-oxygen environment, which will start to boil and evaporate,

Thirdly, put those vapors through a cooling pipe and the vapors will condense to liquid , while some of the vapors with shorter hydrocarbon lengths will remain as a gas.

Fourthly, the exit of the cooling pipe is then going through a bubbler containing water to capture the last liquid forms of fuel and leave only gas that is then burned;

Finally, this kind of oil will be piped into deep purifying system with acidity and alkaline cleaning device as well as pressure filtering system.

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