waste oil to diesel

How to clean used motor oil for diesel fuel?

waste engine oil
Waste engine oil

The replacement of a car's oil every 5,000 kilometers seems to be the industry standard (and may be overkill) but this means that a lot of oil is poured in and discharged: precisely, about 1.3 billion gallons.
How does the large amount of waste engine oil produced clean up the used diesel oil? After all, reusing lubricants not only avoids evacuating them from the surface, thereby reducing the energy independence of external suppliers, but also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by climate change.
doinggroup distillation machine
Distillation machine used to 
clean used motor oil for diesel fuel
DoingGroup's distillation machine is specially designed for the refining of tires and plastic pyrolysis oils. The refining process includes distillation and impurity removal, cooling to light oil, and then decolorization and deodorization. Finally, black heavy cracking oil/waste oil can be purified to a clean color. Bright non-standard diesel. The diesel can be used instead of standard diesel for diesel burners, generators and heavy machinery and agricultural machinery. The refinery can also be used for recycling waste oil. The average diesel yield is about 80-85%. After distillation, the residual substances in the furnace are heavy oil impurities, which are very similar to the performance of asphalt. They can be directly used for paving or sold directly to asphalt plants for re-refining.
diesel oil
Clean used oil 
 motor oil for diesel fuel
The diesel came out from the standard distillation machine is brownish yellow. If you want to get better color and look cleaner and transparent diesel, we can also provide a deep purification system according to your needs, and finally you can get pale yellow diesel products.

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