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How to filter used motor oil for reuse?

used motor oil distillation plant
Used motor oil distillation plant

Mostly we pour the the waste oil into the ocean, toss the waste oil in your driveway, street, or on the ground etc which can seriously pollutes our environment and influence people's health.

Now there is a developing technology that filters used motor oil back into the diesel fuel oil it came from?

Actually,  used motor oil can be recycled and refined. According to the DOING used motor oil distillation plant, you can change your own used motor oil and recycled your used motor oil, it would be enough motor oil recycled to change the oil on 50 million cars.

The woring process of DOING used motor oil distillation plant:

filter used motor oil 3Ddrawing

Used motor oil 3D distillation plant to filter used motor oil for reuse

1.   Put tyre oil/plastic oil/engine oil into distillation reactor with oil pump
2.   Heating system works to heat waste oil over 170℃
3.   Distillation oil gas produced and cooling down to pure distillation oil by condensers
4.   After distillation, the distillation oil is pumped into odor-removal tank where catalysts used to remove the smell
5.   Then oil go into color-removal tank for de-coloring with the special catalysts
6.    Finally, you can get about 85% pure diesel oil.

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