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Plastic into diesel ?

plastic pyrolysis plant
Plastic pyrolysis plant pyrolysis plastic to plastic oil

Generally, We use waste plasic pyrolysis plant convert waste plastic into plastic oil. The plastic oil can be used used as industrial fuel materials for burning. But to get diesel which has wider applications, the most important pyrolysis plant we need is called plastic into diesel machine.

Plastic into diesel machine can not only deal with plastic pyrolysis oil material, but also can dispose many other materials, such as, tire oil, used engine oil, slag oil, crude oil, raw oil, waste fuel oil, washing oil and so on. The diesel from waste plastic oil has a wide range of applications and higher value in the market, which can be widely used in low speed engine and generators such as digging machine, road roller, loading machine etc.

First of all, put the plastic pyrolysis oil  in the plastic into diesel  machine for further process

plastic into diesel
Plastic into diesel machine process waste plastic oil to diesel
Secondly, heat plastic pyrolysis oil in non-oxygen environment, which will start to boil and evaporate,

Thirdly, put those vapors through a cooling pipe and the vapors will condense to liquid , while some of the vapors with shorter hydrocarbon lengths will remain as a gas.

Fourthly, the exit of the cooling pipe is then going through a bubbler containing water to capture the last liquid forms of fuel and leave only gas that is then burned;

Finally, this kind of oil will be piped into deep purifying system with acidity and alkaline cleaning device as well as pressure filtering system.

The diesel from plastic into diesel machine can used for tractors ,trucks,ships and generator

plastic into diesel
Diesel application

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