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Diesel from plastic waste ?

plastic to diesel
Diesel from plastic waste plant
In order to further process the pyrolysis oil from waste plastic, we have the latest plastic to diesel plant, which can finish the conversion of making diesel from plastic in a profitable, energy-saving and environmental friendly method.

How to make diesel from plastic waste?
plastic to diesel
Plastic into diesel process waste plastic oil to diesel  working process


1. Pump the plastic oil into distillation reactor;

2. Heat the oil in non-oxygen condition, and the oil will start boiling and evaporating gradually;

3. Through cooling pipe, the oil vapor will be condensed into liquid oil and another part of the vapor with shorter hydrocarbon lengths will remain as gas;

4. The oil that coming out from cooling pipe then goes through a bubbler containing water to capture the last liquid forms of fuel and leaves only gas which will be burned;

5. The oil will be piped into deep purifying system with acidity and alkaline cleaning device as well as pressure filtering system. Then we will get qualified diesel oil.

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