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How is the plastic to oil refining machines process?

refining oil machine
Refining machine process
The main work flow of DoingGroup's refining equipment is as follows:
1. Pour the heat transfer oil into the heat transfer system and heat the base of the heat transfer system to perform preheating.
2. The pyrolysis oil or waste oil is poured into the reactor, heat cractor case, When the temperature reaches a certain height, the waste oil can be distilled. Impurities in the waste oil will be distilled out. Clean oil and gas will continue to rise.
3. Purify the filtered oil and gas into the condensing system, cooled and then liquefied into light oil and fall into the oil tank.
4. Finally, degrease the light oil in the tank and desulphurize it to obtain non-standard diesel oil.

Of course, the operation of our equipment is mainly to extract non- standard diesel, in addition to some of the asphalt. The rate of diesel is 80%-85%, and the rate of asphalt is 15%-20%.
The final products of the refining oil have a wide usage in our daily life, the detail usages are as follows:
refining process
Diesel oil usage
1.Diesel oil:Mainly usaed for diesel generator ,diesel fuel for heating, heavy machinery
refining machine
Asphalt usage

2.Asphalt:Mainly used for paving , or refinery.

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