waste oil to diesel

What products come from crude oil distillation process?

Crude oil distillation process utilizes the chemical principle of high temperature distillation and condensation to distill the residue from the crude oil, thereby obtaining a clean and transparent non-standard diesel oil. Among them, the yield of diesel oil after crude oil distillation process is 80-85%, and the yield of asphalt is 15-20%.

crude oil distillation machineCrude oil distillation process

Diesel oil is widely used in large vehicles, railway locomotives, and ships. It is also used for boiler heating and other heating fuels.

distillation machineDiesel oil usage

Asphalt is used for roofing, waterproofing of underground structures, and preservation of wood and steel. Or sent to asphalt refinery.

crude oil machineAsphalt usage

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