waste oil to diesel

How waste plastic is converted into diesel?

Plastic pollution is a major environmental problem facing the world today, and many countries are trying to solve this problem by converting waste plastic into useful diesel. Converting plastics to diesel requires two main steps: firstly process waste plastics to pyrolysis oil with waste plastic pyrolysis machine, and then refine the pyrolysis oil to obtain diesel oil with pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machine.

plastic to diesel machineWaste plastic pyrolysis to diesel distillation machine

Firstly, adopt the waste plastic pyrolysis machine to convert waste plastic into pyrolysis oil fuel. The waste plastic pyrolysis machine is mainly composed of a reactor, a condensation system and a dust removal system, and the detailed working processes are as follows.

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine will heat the reactor to a high temperature. When the relevant temperature is reached, the waste plastic generates oil gas in the reactor; the oil gas then turns into liquid oil after passing through the cooling system connected subsequently. The pyrolysis oil can be used directly as fuel, and it can also be further refined into diesel. When the pyrolysis oil is completely drained, the remaining product is carbon black which can be briquette fired or refined into powder.

pyrolysis plantWaste tyres/plastic pyrolysis plant

Secondly, the plastic pyrolysis oil will be converted into diesel by using a pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machine. The pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machine consists of the distillation reactor, water cooling circulation system, decolor and deodor system and purification system. And the following is the plastic to diesel distillation process.

We need to put the plastic pyrolysis oil into the distillation reactor for heating, and then oil vapor will generate; next, the oil vapor will be fractionated into diesel oil through water cooling circulation process; after purifying, add the decolorizing agent to get qualified diesel oil. The obtained diesel oil can be used for heavy machinery generators, etc., and has high commercial value.

pyrolysis oil distillation plantThe application of pyrolysis oil and diesel

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