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How do you dispose of used motor oil?

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According to the National Directory of Hazardous Wastes, used motor oil is classified as hazardous waste and must be cleaned up with special equipment. If simply dumped, it will cause damage to the urban sewage system and be harmful after gasification. The air is still polluted.

The current legal and environmentally friendly used motor oil treatment method is to refine the used motor oil into pure diesel through waste oil distillation machine , which can not only realize the secondary use of used motor oil, but also profit from it.

waste oil distillation plantWaste oil distillation plant

The process of using waste oil distillation machine to dispose of used motor oil is actually not complicated, here are its operating steps.

1. Preheating

The used motor oil refinery uses two heating systems, one is to heat the distillation reactor with heat transfer oil. The used motor oil refinery needs to preheat the heat transfer oil for a certain period of time before starting up.

2. Distilling

Heat the reactor with heat transfer oil and a burner at the same time. In a high temperature and oxygen-free environment, the distillation reactor will produce oil and gas after reaching a certain temperature.

3. Cooling

The heavier oil and gas are purified by the catalytic tower, the purified oil and gas are cooled into liquefied oil through the condenser and stored in the fraction tank.

4. Purifying

The non-condensable oil and gas in the condensing system is purified by a water seal and used as fuel to heat the distillation reactor.

5. Decolorization and deodorization

Feed the oil in the oil tank into the decolorizing pot, the white clay is added to stir to decolorize, and then the oil fully mixed with the white clay is pumped into the leaf filter to obtain a clear color oil, which is then finely filtered to remove impurities. You can get clean, bright non-standard diesel.

6. Flue gas treatment

The flue gas produced by the heat-conducting oil furnace and the reactor is processed by the desulfurization tower and discharged into the atmosphere after meeting the national emission standards.

components of waste oil distillation machineComponents of waste oil distillation machine

With the increase in international crude oil prices and fuel shortages, diesel refined from used motor oil has a wide range of uses and markets. You might as well try to dispose of used motor oil in this way. Doing's waste oil distillation machine uses a rapid heating system and a diesel purification system, which saves fuel and can get cleaner diesel.

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