waste oil to diesel

How to properly and safely dispose of used motor oil and car oil?

With the continuous progress and rapid development of the industry, the oil consumption of various construction machinery, automobiles and ships is getting higher and higher. Improper handling of used motor oil and car oil is not only a large environmental pollution problem, but also a growing energy crisis. Therefore, the disposal of waste motor oil and car oil is a major issue worthy of attention. So How to properly and safely dispose of motor oil and car oil?

Henan Doing designed a waste oil distillation machine, which can refine used motor oil and car oil into diesel in an environmental way. It can not only properly and safely realize the recycling and regeneration of used oils, but also can create great profits.

distillation plantThe 3D picture of waste oil distillation plant

Below I will take Henan Doing waste oil distillation machine as an example to introduce its working process.

1.Turn on the oil pump to pump the used motor oil and car oil into the distillation reactor;

2. Preheat the whole system with heat transfer oil, then turn on the burner to heat the distillation reactor until oil and gas are produced;

3. As the temperature increases, the light oil fraction will be distilled out. When the temperature is high, the heavy oil fraction is distilled out, and the oil and gas are cooled into primary diesel through the cooling system, and then enter the fuel tank;

4. Pump the crude diesel oil into the decolorization and deodorization tank through the oil pump to remove the wax and colloid in the crude diesel oil, and at the same time remove the unpleasant smell of the crude diesel oil.

5.We can get good quality diesel. If you want better quality light yellow diesel then you can add a purification system to purify the diesel further.

waste oil distillation plantThe process of waste oil distillation plant

The final diesel product obtained from used motor oil and car oil distillation machine can be used as an alternative fuel for diesel burners, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery, among others. And you can also sell them in the market at good price. Besides that, you can also get asphalt for selling, refining, or paving uses.

Henan Doing waste oil distillation machine can also refine tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil, crude oil,etc. If you want to know more information about waste oil distillation machine, welcome to consult us. Whether you want to customize large, medium and small-scale waste oil distillation machine, we can customize the equipment for you at an absolutely favorable factory price!

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