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What is the profit of recycling 1 ton waste oil by waste oil distillation machine?

The oil that replaced from automobiles, ships, airplanes, etc. is called waste oil. Sometimes waste oil is thrown away carelessly, which is not only a waste of resources, but also a pollution to the environment. In fact, these waste oil can be recycled to diesel by waste oil distillation machine, and the obtained diesel can be used for heavy machinery and diesel generator or be sold directly. Then some inverstors want to know the profit of recycling 1 tons waste oil by waste oil distillation machine.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

In fact, the profits of recycling 1 ton waste oil by waste oil distillation machine is main related to the oil yield of waste oil distillation machine, so choosing a waste oil distillation machine with good quality is very important for you.

oil distillation machineHigh oil yield waste oil distillation machine

The oil yield of DOING waste oil distillation machine can reach 85%-90%, in other words, you can get 0.85t-0.9t diesel fuel from 1tons waste oil. The price of 1t diesel fuel can be sold in 700USD, so you can earn nearly 595USD after disposing of 1t waste oil. Even the cost of fuel, water and electricity are removed, there is still a lot of profits. The following is our profit analysis of waste oil distillation machine for reference.

Through the above analysis form, I believe that you must have a clear understanding of how profitable the waste oil distillation machine is.

ROI Analysis For 5T/D Waste Oil Distillation Machine
Running Cost / Day
Waste oil 5Ton * 262USD/Ton = 1311USD
Heating fuel (Diesel) 0.4Ton * 699USD = 280USD
Catalyst 87USD
Electricity 15Kw/h * 0.14*20h = 44USD
Water Water is for circulation use, no consumption
Worker 2 * 15USD = 30USD
Income / Day
Light oil (Diesel & Gasoline) 4Ton * 700USD = 2800USD
Oil sludge 0.75Ton * 160USD = 120USD
Profit / Day 1168USD

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