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How much diesel can we extract from 10ton of pyrolysis oil?

Pyrolysis oil is a kind of heavy oil, only could be used as heating fuel in the industry, as heating fuel for the boiler, steel factories etc. But this pyrolysis oil could be refined by our waste oil refinery plant to diesel.

And the diesel yield of pyrolysis oil through DOING waste oil refinery plant is very high, reaching as high as 80% to 85%, which means you could extract about 8ton to 8.5ton diesel from 10ton of pyrolysis oil. After refined, you will get non-standard diesel. This diesel could be used in big trucks, crane machines, tractors. Ship and generator etc.

pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery plantPyrolysis oil to diesel refinery plant and final product applications

The price of diesel is almost double that of pyrolysis oil. You could learn more about your local market for pyrolysis oil and diesel. Producing diesel should be more profitable.

The waste oil refinery plant has been popular for a long time. It could also be used for refining the used motor oil, crude oil, waste engine oil, old lube oil, black oil, etc. excluding pyrolysis oil.

We have two types of waste oil refinery plant now. These two designs of waste oil refinery plants could meet the different client's requirements. The common design waste oil refinery plant need to use the acid and alkali as the catalyst, client need to buy the acid and alkali from local market, but for some areas clients, it's not easy to get the acid and alkali from local market, or the cost of the acid is too high, then they will prefer the new design solid catalysts waste oil refinery plant, and the automation degree of it is higner.

pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery plantTwo types of pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery plant comparisions

For new design waste oil refinery plant, the distillation tower is on the reactor directly. After the oil gas gets through the distillation tower, it will become diesel oil gas directly, so after the oil gas cooled down to the liquid oil, that's diesel directly, save much operation work, and convenient to operate, save manual also.

You could choose the suitable type waste oil to diesel refinery plant according to your requirement. They both have their own advantages and features.

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