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Two Options for Liquid and Solid Catalyst Waste Oil Recycling Machines

The waste oil recycling machine has become a popular choice for investors seeking to convert various industrial waste oils into diesel. While many customers may already be familiar with our waste oil distillation machines on the market, they may not have a thorough understanding of the catalysts used in the process. This article aims to introduce our two different catalytic technology waste oil recycling distillation machines.

waste oil recycling distillation machine options Liquid v.s. solid catalyst waste oil recycling distillation machines

The first type of waste oil recycling distillation machine utilizes liquid chemicals, specifically alkali and acid, to purify industrial waste oil through an acid-base washing process. In each furnace, a certain percentage of acid and alkaline water is added to refine the waste oil, producing diesel. The mixture is then stirred thoroughly for about 40 minutes and left to precipitate for 4 hours, allowing the waste oil to undergo a complete acid-base neutralization chemical reaction with the chemicals. This process results in the decolorization and filtration of the waste oil with white soil, ultimately yielding decolorized and deodorized diesel. Here is the 3D video of liquid catalyst waste oil recycling distillation machine:

The second waste oil recycling distillation machine employs our patented solid catalyst, requiring 1 ton of catalyst A and 1 ton of catalyst B. One ton of solid catalyst can process 700 tons of waste oil and can be reused after high-temperature combustion. The use of solid catalysts eliminates the need for daily addition of chemicals, simplifying operations and promoting environmental friendliness. This new type of equipment is suitable for customers who are unable to purchase chemicals locally, as they can directly opt for our solid catalysts. And please check the 3D video of solid catalyst waste oil recycling distillation machine:

We also offer various optional systems for waste oil recycling distillation plants to enhance efficiency. The rapid heating system of heat transfer oil can shorten the heating and distillation time of waste oil, while the clay decolorization system can purify the heavily colored product oil into yellow diesel.

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