waste oil to diesel

Why do we need to refine pyrolysis oil?How to refine pyrolysis oil?

The pyrolysis oil can be sold directly to the market. But the price of the pyrolysis oil is not so higher than the diesel because it’s heavy oil and only can be used to factory,boiler heating,heavy oil generator and cement factory. However, the diesel is light oil and can be used to diesel generator, diesel fuel for heating, heavy machinery and other machines. Its use is more life-like. So if you refine pyrolysis oil into diesel, you would get a good benefit. But how do you refine pyrolysis oil?

Pyrolysis oil distillation machine of Henan Doing is specialized in refining pyrolysis oil. The machine of Doing is mainly equipped with: distillation reactor, condensation system, vacuum device, deep purification system and flue gas purification system. The machine can refine 5-50t pyrolysisi oil per day.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

The most important is that fast heating system for Doing’s distillation machine is using a kind of circulating heating medium combine with fuel heating system for distillation. This way,it not only could save heating fuel, also could speed up the distillation,thus to save time and extend the service life.

waste oil distillation machineHeat conduction oil circulation heating system

The color of the diesel directly produced from the standard distillation system is brown yellow. The pyrolysis oil distillation machine of Doing is equipped with the three - step refine purification system, which could make further purification for the diesel, thus to get light yellow color. The distilled oil could be directly sold to the market and get a good profits.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil and tire diesel after filter

Doing refined pyrolysis oil distillation machine’s production process is mature, environmental protection configuration is perfect, and no secondary pollution. What’s more, Henan Doing has the best technical team and engineers and can custom the refining pyrolysis oil equipment according to user’s requirement. If you have any question about the distillation machine of Doing, we would be very happy that you contact with us.

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