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How do you get diesel fuel?

diesel fuel
DoingGroup's waste oil refining equipment

At present, from a global perspective, the oil crisis has become a focus and a problem for society. For this social phenomenon, if we only rely on the practice of extracting diesel from crude oil, then many of our social product chains will be disconnected. Today, DoingGroup has technically broken through the traditional single approach to diesel fuel. The DoingGroup's waste oil refining equipment uses the principle of high-temperature distillation chemistry to further refine and purify waste oil, cracked oil, crude oil and other waste oils, thereby obtaining diesel oil.
diesel fuel working process
Waste oil refinign machine working process

This way of refining diesel seems simple, in fact, there are great doors! We all know that the boiling point of oil is different. Distilling waste oil into diesel is mainly through heating the reactor. The temperature reaches a certain height (boiling point). Waste oil/pyrolysis oil distills light oil and gas, and the impurities are filtered. Light oil and gas enters the condensing system under the action of high and low pressure, is liquefied into light oil, and falls into the oil tank. Finally, desulfurization and degreasing of the light oil in the oil tank will ultimately result in the diesel we want.

diesel oil final products
Waste oil refining machine final products
By operating our equipment, the yield of diesel is 80-85%, and of course 15-20% of asphalt is obtained in addition to diesel.
diesel oil usage
Diesel oil usage
Diesel: It is mainly used as a power source for tractors, large automobiles, diesel locomotives, civil engineering, excavators, loaders, fishing boats, diesel generators, and agricultural machinery. It is a diesel engine fuel for diesel cars, tractors, etc.
diesel oil final products usage
Asphalt usage
Asphalt: Mainly used for paving, or sent to asphalt refineries.
The DoingGroup's waste oil refining equipment also has two optional systems:
Rapid heating system
The rapid heating system of the refining equipment uses the circulating heating medium and the fuel to heat at the same time, on the one hand, it can save fuel, and on the other hand it can speed up the distillation speed.
Diesel purification system
The diesel refined from the standard refining system is brownish yellow. If you want to get better color diesel, we can also provide a deep purification system, and finally you can get pale yellow diesel products.
There are many ways to obtain diesel fuel, and there are different manufacturers of equipment. So what are the advantages of choosing DoingGroup?

diesel fuel machine
DoingGroup's waste oil refining machine
1. The reactor vertical design, automatic slagging.
2. The type of cooling is circulating water cooling, which can recycle water resources, with little consumption.
3. Semi-continuous equipment, the operation of relatively intermittent type equipment is simple, investment is moderate, only 2 workers are required to maintain the operation of the equipment.
4. Double heating system can save heating time and improve equipment efficiency.
Through this article, I believe you must be on the DoingGroup's oil refining equipment is how refining, with a further understanding! Any device problem, please feel free to contact us! ! !

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