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How to turning tyres into diesel fuel?

tyre to diesel fuel
Waste tyres

Every year, millions of old, used tyres from cars and trucks pile up as waste. Researchers have discovered a way to create diesel fuel from used tyres. They have designed highly technical, specialized equipment that heats the rubber from the tyres to a very high temperature. The gas created by this heating is funneled through a condenser which separates the gas from the oil that is also created. The oil that filters out is high-quality diesel fuel which can power our cars. This system can make a tremendous impact on the environment and lessen our reliance on petroleum.

tyre to diesel fuel
Turning tyres into diesel fuel

After decades of years of research and operation, now, we have developed turning tyres into diesel fuel. The turning tyres into diesel fuel is a great progress in the field of tyre recycling. It adopts the latest refining or distillation technology, which can turning waste tyre oil into diesel.then how to turning tyres into diesel fuel?

tyre oil to diesel fuel
Turning tyres into diesel fuel working process

Generally, we can make tyre oil from waste tyre by the waste tyre pyrolysis plant. If you want to make more profits, the turning tyre into diesel fuel plant can help you. It can effectively remove the particles, colloidal matter, acid and odour from plastic oil by acid-treatment and filtration.
Finally you can get diesel fuel with clean and transparent color and qualified smell. These diesel oil can be widely used in more kinds of diesel engines and will produce less smoke and less noise than regular diesel fuel. It proves that the diesel succeeds in relieving energy crisis and improving our environment.



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