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What's the workflow of waste oil distillation plant?

The waste oil distillation plant is used to convert waste oil, crude oil, tire and plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel, which is usually pale yellow and can be used in burners, generators, engines, trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery vehicles, etc. Many customers want to know the workflow of waste oil distillation plant, so today's article is to explain this in detail.

The workflow of the whole waste oil distillation plant project mainly includes four steps: distillation, condensation, decolorization and deodorization, and filtration.

waste oil distillation plantThe workflow of the waste oil distillation plant

First stage, distillation is the process of heating the waste oil in order to evaporate oil gas and remove impurities in the waste oil.

Second stage, condensation is to cool the oil gas into oil by means of the condensation system and the circulating water.

Third stage, decolorization and deodorization is to use a catalyst to remove the glue, wax and peculiar smell in the cooling oil. This will prevent the oil from discolouring over time.

Final stage is filtration. In order to obtain a cleaner light yellow color, the diesel fuel can be re-filtered using a filtration system, mainly for further bleaching.

When finished, pure diesel oil and light yellow diesel oil can be obtained with oil yield up to 85%. I believe this kind of diesel will find a ready market in your country.

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