waste oil to diesel

What's the recycling processes of used lube oil re refining plant?

Used lube oil rerefining plant is mainly used to revert used lube oil into diesel to achieve the purpose of proper disposal of used lube oil and making high profits. After proper processing, the diesel obtained from used lube oil rerefining plant can be even used for diesel cars. So, what's the recycling processes of used lube oil rerefining plant?

waste oil to diesel plant

Here Doing Company takes the new design used lube oil rerefining plant as an example to introduce the used lube oil to diesel refining processes for you.

Steps Recycling processes Detailed introduction
1 Used lube oil distillation Used lubeoil is pumpedinto the distillation reactor through the oil pump, and the heat-conducting oil is heated to preheat the system. When the temperature of the distillation kettle reaches 290 degrees, the burner is turned on to heat the distillation reactor. The burner and the heat transfer oil are heated at the same time, which can speed up the distillation time and save fuel.
2 Decoloring and catalytic pyrolysis The distillation oil gas of waste lubeoil will go through the catalytic tower. Two different kinds of catalysts inside the tower work together to purify the distillation oil gas, meanwhile pyrolyze some heaver oil gas into lighter one.
3 Distillated oil cooling The oil gas will enter the horizontal condenser to be cooled down and flow into primary diesel oil and then collected into the oil tank. For now, the diesel we can obtain has a darker color compared with standard diesel. In order to get a better quality diesel, the next step of decoloring and purification system was needed.
4 Diesel decoloring and purification Original diesel is able to get a lighter color without unpleasant smell after working with catalyst and clay of deodorization and decolorization system. This system is an optional choice, it depends on your requirement to set up.

The above is the general recycling processes of used lube oil re refining plant diesel. If you wanna know more about the lube oil re refinery plant, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company. With mature technology and environmental performance, DOING used lube oil re refinery plant has also obtained patent certificates and CE, ISO and other related certifications. And we have different models and processing capacities of used lube oil re refinery plant to meet your requirements, welcome to contact us to customize it at a favorable price!

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