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Aluminum recycling machinery

Aluminum recycling machinery brief introduction and feature 
aluminum recycling machine
Aluminum recycling machinery
Aluminum recycling machinery  is a kind of environmental-friendly waste management machine,used to recycle waste aluminum-plastic composite materials.Aluminum recycling machinery uses advanced physical recycling technology. Its products line, like aluminum-plastic crusher,pulverizer and high pressure electrostatic separator, is of high innovation and advanced and reasonable technological line.

1.) Physical methods was adopted ,to separate metal from plastic .
2.) No any pollution ,do not need water or any chemical reagent .
3.) High efficiency ,low consumption ,saving power consumption than traditional methods.
4.) Small occupied area ,machine is flexible to layout .
5.) High voltage electrostatic separator was adopted ,the metal and plastic can be separated completely .

Aluminum recycling machinery working steps
When the waste aluminum plastic plate, waste aluminum plastic plate plastic was sent into the plant, they will use the aluminum separator to directly produce, aluminum foil and plastic can be completely separated. The recovery aluminum can be used to smelting the aluminum ingots and also are the upper materials.

aluminum recycling machinery

Aluminum recycling machinery application
aluminum recycling machery

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