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Copper wire stripping machine

Copper wire stripping machine
copper wrie stripping machine
Copper wire stripping machine

Copper wire stripping machine is environmentally friendly machine, which can crush and process all kinds of car circuit wire, outside wire and wires of various kinds of household appliances. Crushed metal particles are separated from plastics by means of high voltage static electricity, which is of economy, high efficiency and no secondary pollution.
Copper wire stripping machine of Doing Machinery can professionally process waste wires, which has such characteristics as novel structure, high output, low electricity consumption, high efficiency, one-time feeding finished by collaboration of multiple machines, and which is in the leading level in the peer. Using copper cable wire recycling machine can not only effectively solve air pollution generated in burning process, but recycle the plastic for reuse.

Copper wire stripping machine technical data
copper wire stripping machine

Model   Voltage   Power   Capacity  Dimension     Weight  
DYTM-400    380V     22.45 kw     150-200kg/H       2700*1900*2300(mm)    1200kg  
DYTM-600  380V   36 kw  300-400kg/H  3500*1900*2700(mm)  3000kg 
DYTM-800  380V   75 kw  500-600kg/H  5500*4500*3300(mm)  8000k 
Copper wire stripping machine work process
copper wire stripping machine
Copper wire stripping machine work process
1.We directly put waste copper wire in to copper wire stripping machine,waste copper wire and used cale is cut into granules
2.Then granules are sent to vibration device for separation ,through wind and virbration ,the coppe and plastic are separated
3.Then pure copper come from one side and pure plastic come out form the other side
4.we can collect pyre copper and plastic ,the separatid rate can reach 99.9%

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