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Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

 Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant
We, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in waste tire /plastic/rubber pyrolysis plant has developed highly efficient  continuous plastic pyrolysis plant.

plastic continuous pyrolysis plant

 Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant
Our continuous plastic pyrolysis plant can continuously processes plastic into crude oil and carbon black without stopping. All the continuous plastic pyrolysis plants are controlled by PLC(programmable logic controller), so it is very easy to operate and our customers can save much time and labor.
Here is a process picture for you to understand:
plastic continuous pyrolysis plant
Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant process

All available plastic can be shredded by plastic crusher, and then plastic granules can be fed directly into  continuous plastic pyrolysis plant through the feeding door. Our feeding door has screw inside, so it can help you easily convey the plastic granules into our reactor No 1, then all the waste plastic can be fully decomposed under the high temperature through reactor No 1 to reactor No 2,then to reactor No 3...Until all the plastic fully pyrolysed, then all the carbon black powder will be discharged automatically to the carbon black tank.

All the available oil gas will be cooled by circulation water and the extra pyrolysis gas will be recycled through pipes into the burners for heating again. In our  continuous plastic pyrolysis plant, the water circulation system and extra pyrolysis gas recycling system will help you save much fuel and water resource. In this way, our continuous plastic pyrolysis plant can minimize your cost and maximize your profits.

Through our continuous plastic pyrolysis plant, you will convert waste plastic into fuel oil and carbon black easily and automatically. If you need more information and help, welcome to contact us at any time.
 Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant technical data

No. Item Specifications
1 Model DY-C-10 DY-C-20 DY-C-30 DY-C-50 DY-C-60 DY-C-80 DY-C-100
2 Cpacity 10T/D 20T/D 30T/D 50T/D 60T/D 80T/D 100T/D
3 Power 35Kw 50Kw 65Kw 80Kw 90Kw 105Kw 120Kw
4 Working type Continuous
5 Reactor deisgn Mutiple reactors (The quantity and size depends on the raw material condition)
6 Rotating Internal rotating
7 Cooling system Recycled waster cooling
8 Reactor material Q245R/Q345R boiler plate
9 Heating method Indireact hot air heating
10 Heating fuel Fuel oil/gas
11 Feedstock Waste tire/plastic/rubber
12 Output Fuel oil, carbon black

 Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant application

continuous plastic pyrolysis plant
Application of continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

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