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8 sets of waste oil sludge pyrolysis machines put into operation in China

Date:2023-07-19/ In Asia/ Chat online Leave a message

Congratulation! In June, 2023, Henan Doing Company successfully helped Chinese customers complete the construction of an environmentally friendly oil sludge treatment pyrolysis project.

Henan Doing's engineering team has completed installation guidance and worker training services. At present, these eight sets of stainless steel oil sludge pyrolysis machines were successfully put into production in Shaanxi province of China.

China's Shaanxi Province is an oil gas rich area with abundant raw materials such as coal tar residue and oil sludge residue. Our China Shannxi customers chose oil sludge pyrolysis machines to achieve environmental protection and resource recycling of waste oil sludge, and can also obtain fuel oil resources for heating uses.

waste oil sludge pyrolysis machineWaste oil sludge pyrolysis machines installed in China

When he first entered the oil sludge pyrolysis recycling industry, our Chinese customer did not have much experience in selecting oil sludge pyrolysis machines, so he purchased it from other nearby manufacturers as a trial. As a result, the operation of the equipment was unsatisfactory. During the pyrolysis process of waste oil sludge, the phenomenon of coking and sticking to the pyrolysis reactor is serious. This time he had a need to expand production. Based on his previous project installation and operation experience, he carefully compared multiple pyrolysis machine manufacturers in order to select the oil sludge pyrolysis machines that best met his needs.

He brought the oil sludge materials to DOING Factory for trial operation, and obtained good feedback on the pyrolysis effect. In the end, we achieved its customers achieved win-win cooperation.

DOING waste oil sludge pyrolysis machines is rigorously designed, and all devices are centered around the characteristics of the oil sludge and relative coal tar residue.

(1)First, the sludge pump is used to pump the sludge and oil residue into the reactor. This process is clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly and safe;

(2)The interior of the reactor is made of custom-made stainless steel, which effectively reduces the corrosiveness of waste oil sludge, prevents coking and sticking to pyrolysis reactor, and extends the life of the reactor;

(3)There are scrapers and scattering devices welded inside the pyrolysis machine reactor to ensure that the waste oil sludge is heated evenly, reduce adhesion to the inner wall, and ensure that the pyrolysis process is safer, more stable, and more efficient.

waste oil sludge pyrolysis machinePictures of waste oil sludge pyrolysis machines project in China

If you have any relevant purchasing needs, please feel free to consult us to get more information about our waste oil sludge pyrolysis machine. More than ten years of technological precipitation, innovation and careful manufacturing have created high-quality pyrolysis machines. We Henan Doing Company are looking forwarding to achieve win-win cooperation with all of you.

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