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14 tons/day waste oil to diesel distillation plant installed in Indonesia

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On August 2, 2023, under the guidance of Henan Doing Company, the waste oil to diesel distillation plant with a daily processing capacity of 14 tons/day has been successfully installed! And the waste oil to diesel distillation plant has successfully completed the trial operation and extracted diesel oil!

The following is the picture of the installation of 14 tons/day waste oil to diesel distillation plant in Indonesia:

waste oil distillation plant

waste oil distillation plant in IndonesiaWaste oil to diesel distillation plant in Indonesia installed by DOING

【Project Overview】

The waste oil to diesel distillation plant project in Indonesia adopts a new solid catalytic process instead of the traditional acid and alkali washing technology. The new waste oil to diesel distillation plant is composed of vertical distillation reactors, catalytic towers, and condensation systems, and is equipped with environmental protection systems, vacuum devices, heat-conducting oil furnaces, and heavy oil burners. Overall, in the process of operation, the operation efficiency is high, the labor and energy consumed are less, and the payback period is short!

【Machine Details】

  • Processing raw materials: waste engine/motor oil, waste lubricating oil, tire oil/plastic pyrolysis oil, crude oil, etc.

  • Processing capacity: 14 tons per day

  • Finished product use:

1. Non-standard diesel oil: instead of standard diesel oil, it can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery;

2. Asphalt: directly used for paving roads or sold to asphalt factories for further refining.

waste oil distillation plant Waste oil distillation plant final products and applications

【Cooperation review】

The Indonesian customer is in the waste engine motor oil recycling industry, and he planned to recycle the collected waste oil into diesel, which will create higher profits. DOING sales manager made configuration solutions and quotations for new design and common design waste oil to diesel distillation plant for him. In addition, in order to help customers understand the differences more intuitively, our project manager showed our factory strength, equipment structure, material, configuration and other details to customers by video call. After comprehensive consideration, the customer signed a 14 tons/day new design waste oil to diesel distillation plant procurement contract with our company on December 8, 2022.

【Delivery review】

After 45 days of equipment manufacturing, on February 6, 2023, the 14 tons/day waste oil to diesel distillation plant was loaded and shipped from DOING Factory to Indonesia after inspection and inventory.

waste oil distillation plantWaste oil distillation plant delivered to Indonesia

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