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Tyre tripler machine will delivery to Japan

Date:2016-10-20/ In Asia/ Chat online Leave a message
October 18, 2016, We delivered one set of waste tyre tripler machine to our Japanese client.
Our waste tyre tripler machine can pack three tyres in one. In this way, it can help our client to save a lot of space on tire storage and package.
tyre tripling machine
Tyre tripler machine
This waste tyre tripler machine is ideal for any workshop or used tyre dealer, used to double or undouble (unpack tyres). It is powered by compressed air only so there is no risk of electrocution. We recommend this machine for the tyre dealers wishing to save space for storing or transport their scrap or used tyres. Due to its small dimensions and weight it is ideal for moving from one place to the other.

Here are some waste tyre tripler machine picture for your referrence
tyre tripler machine
Tyre tripler machine
Our waste  tyre tripler machine is powered by air conditioner and it is very easy to carry.
tyre tripler machine
Tyre tripler machine will delivery to Japan
And waste  tyre tripler machine can also unpack tires. When you want to separate the tires, you can also use it.

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