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2019 National Catalytic pyrolysis Industry Technical Exchange Forum Held in Henan

To promote the sustainable development of the tire recycling industry and lead the technological advancement, equipment innovation and standard development of the catalytic pyrolysis industry, 2019 National Catalytic Pyrolysis Industry Technical Exchange Forum was Held in Henan in Zhumadian City, Henan Province in China on March 20, 2019. DOING participated in the forum.

technical exchange forum2019 National Catalytic Pyrolysis Industry Technical Exchange Forum

At the forum, relevant industry experts introduced the current situation, development plans, policy measures and development trends of the waste tire catalytic pyrolysis industry in China. Subsequently, the participating companies conducted on-site exchanges on new technologies, processes and equipment in the catalytic pyrolysis industry, and discussed how to expand the direct application of carbon black. Experts encourage entrepreneurs to join the catalytic pyrolysis industry to contribute to waste tire recycling.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantDOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Catalytic pyrolysis refers to the pyrolysis reaction of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, usually used in solid waste recycling. Through the process, waste tyre can be turned into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. DOING  waste tyre pyrolysis plant is specially designed for this conversion. The  waste tyre pyrolysis plant produce no pollution to environment with the whole process, welcomed by many customers all over the world. Feel free to contact us for more information you concern about.


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